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GROW Poland becomes a Platinum Partner of HubSpot!

We have been a HubSpot Partner for several years now, with which we are increasingly strengthening our cooperation. Currently, as a Platinum Partner with many implementations that have allowed us to gain the necessary experience, we are able to meet even the most sophisticated expectations of our customers. Achieved Platinum Partner status also means that we consistently implement and develop HubSpot standards both with our customers and internally.

What is HubSpot?  

The #HubSpot is a modern and advanced tool that enables companies to increase the efficiency of their work from marketing to sales to customer service. It includes a convenient and functional suite of tools from the CRM, Marketing Automation, Service and CMS areas, as well as a whole range of possibilities to expand the functionality of the system based on easily integrated applications tailored to the individual needs of each client.

What can you gain by using HubSpot? 

By implementing HubSpot, you can manage all sales and marketing activities in one tool, and where needed, also service activities. Based on the CMS, you can build a website integrated with HubSpot, making it convenient and efficient to manage your content and knowledge about its use. You will be able to build knowledge of your customers' interests and tailor automated marketing campaigns to them. You will be able to track the progress of your sales and the achievement of your goals, as well as the effectiveness of your launched social media campaigns.

If your company's IT infrastructure is more complex, HubSpot integrates well with other systems and databases. In such cases, using Grow Poland's support, you will be able to integrate HubSpot with any system that will share data, and you will want to use it in your marketing and sales processes.

HubSpot also allows you to make phone calls directly from the system, which can be quite a convenience for many in sales.

Of course, the system complies with RODO requirements and allows you to freely manage marketing consents.

Of course, the features and functionalities offered by HubSpot are numerous and impossible to list in a short description. Usually it is the individual needs that determine which ones will be crucial for a particular company or organization.