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Website security in HubSpot CMS

With the growing importance of online security and privacy, HubSpot CMS enables better data protection, security for users, marketers and the companies. Later in this article, we will list the key security features that set HubSpot CMS apart from other content management systems. From robust built-in security to customizable access controls, HubSpot CMS is designed to provide peace of mind while optimizing your marketing efforts. Read on to learn more about the comprehensive security features that make HubSpot CMS a trustworthy and reliable choice for marketers and businesses alike. 

Security in HubSpot CMS

Security in HubSpot CMS is achieved on several levels. Firstly, it is protection against cyber attacks, including regular security updates and secure domain certificates. But HubSpot also takes care to protect sensitive data from leaks and ensure full compliance with RODO regulations. It protects against spam, unauthorised access and loss of valuable information through error or failure.

SSL certificates

HubSpot provides SAN SSL certificates for all maintained (hosted) domains, ensuring secure communication between the site and visitors. An SSL certificate is now essential to build user trust and protect sensitive data such as login details and payment information. If required, Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise and CMS Hub Professional or Enterprise licence holders can add their own separately purchased SSL certificate. Find out how to do this from the HubSpot knowledge base: Add a custom SSL certificate to your account.

Regular security updates

HubSpot constantly monitors and updates its platform to protect against the latest security vulnerabilities and emerging threats. This proactive approach is essential to maintaining a secure online environment and minimizing the risk of cyber attacks or data breaches.

Secure data centers

HubSpot's infrastructure is maintained(hosted) in System and Organization Controls (SOC 2 Type II) compliant data centers, ensuring the security of customer data. For CMS owners, this means peace of mind knowing that their data is stored and managed in a secure environment that adheres to strict security standards.

DDoS protection

HubSpot provides DDoS protection for all maintained websites to prevent and mitigate Distributed Denial of Service attacks (see: What is DDos). This feature is crucial for CMS users, as it helps maintain site availability and uptime, even during large-scale cyber attacks that could otherwise cause significant downtime.

Automated backup and versioning

HubSpot CMS automatically saves and backs up content, allowing users to recover previous versions in case of accidental deletion or editing. This feature is essential for CMS users to safeguard their work, maintain content integrity and minimize potential losses due to human error or technical problems.

Role-based permissions

HubSpot CMS allows you to create and manage user permissions, granting different levels of access to different team members. This feature is essential for CMS owners to prevent unauthorized changes, maintain control over content editing and publishing, and ensure that sensitive information remains accessible only to appropriate personnel.

Content filtering

HubSpot CMS includes content filtering options to protect users from spam, malware and other potentially harmful content. This feature is important for CMS users to maintain a safe browsing experience for their site visitors and prevent inadvertent distribution of malicious content.

Strong password policy

HubSpot requires users to create strong passwords and supports two-factor authentication to enhance security. This feature is essential for CMS owners and users to protect their accounts from unauthorized access, reducing the risk of potential security breaches and data theft.

GDPR compliance

HubSpot CMS has built-in features to help users comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements, such as cookie tracking consent banners and customizable data privacy forms. Compliance with data protection regulations is crucial for CMS owners to avoid hefty fines and maintain a trustworthy online presence.

Security monitoring

HubSpot monitors its platform for unusual activity and works with third-party security providers to ensure the ongoing security of customer data. In this way, it provides an extra layer of protection against cyber threats and helps maintain a secure website environment.

HubSpot CMS is designed to make marketers' jobs easier. The website maintenance and building environment is embedded on a database of data collected through Sales Hub and Marketing Hub. This provides a unique opportunity to easily build personalised content that is displayed based on the website visitor profile stored in the platform's database. The built-in features of HubSpot make the task of securing a site easier than ever and accessible to all users.

Are you considering moving your site to HubSpot? Or would you like to take full advantage of the security features your HubSpot offers? Contact us to find out how to securely create, transfer or host your website with HubSpot. Ensure that the effort you put into building and maintaining your site is not marred by technical problems or hostile hackers.