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Effective marketing and sales in the digital world

Marketing Automation Oracle Eloqua

Łukasz Kosuniak

Czas lektury: 10 min

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation, like any new trend, has lived to see hundreds of articles and dozens of definitions. Unfortunately, not all of them correct.

If you read this material to the end, you will learn...

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Content Marketing Marketing Automation

Łukasz Kosuniak

Czas lektury: 9 min

3 years with Marketing Automation: Lessons Learned

When we decided at Samsung that we were implementing marketing automation it was difficult to look for a similar implementation in Poland. Corporations were just crawling in this area, and almost all...

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Marketing Automation Strategy

Adam Malachowski

Czas lektury: 6 min

9 reasons why automation is essential in marketing

With digital marketing, the consumer is under constant scrutiny. As marketers, we juggle social media tools and channels such as Meltwater, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Google Trends and Google...

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Marketing Automation Social selling

Łukasz Kosuniak

Czas lektury: 15 min

Social Selling in B2B marketing

Most of the clients I talk to consider social selling as a pure sales activity. They count on this to reduce the hated cold calling. Unfortunately, they complain about insufficient support from...

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